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Wear the Right Respirator!

In the United States, there is an N95 day commemorated every September 5 set by NIOSH (a body in the United States that conducts research and recommendations on occupational safety and health). What is N95 day? It is a day dedicated to reminding you of the importance of using proper respiratory protection in the right way. The type of respirator used most commonly in Industries that has a particulate air environment is N95. Shaped like a mask in general but not the same. This mask is issued by NIOSH with more info can be found at Several studies have shown that the N95 mask’s ability to filter smoke particles of 0.1 to 0.3 microns in size exceeds 95% can even reach 99.5% if the particle size reaches 0.75 microns or greater.

The shape of this mask is not as flexible as an ordinary mask. Usually shaped rather round or semi-round and white, made of a relatively rigid material that is not easily damaged. Its solid appearance causes no gaps that the outside air can enter when in use. This is what causes the N95 mask to be very efficiently used when the haze conditions occur. Anyone exposed to the effects of haze should use this type of mask especially for those who have outdoor activities in the long term. In addition to these abilities, this mask also has shortcomings, including for those who are not accustomed to using it may feel hot and uncomfortable so do not feel comfortable to use it in a long time. This type of mask is also not recommended for those who have respiratory problems and heart disease, elderly and pregnant women because this mask makes breathing difficult so that oxygen needs are not met optimally.

Its limited availability and relatively expensive prices make it not a top choice when haze occurs. But if you have this mask, you should use it properly and properly.