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Can Air Conditioner Disinfect Germs?

Perhaps for this, we know that air conditioner is used to lower the temperature at a certain volume of the room. But apparently, the air conditioner has a role other than the main function. Consciously or not, this is actually how we feel when we are in a room that uses the air conditioner. If we observe, the other functions will look real. To get the best aircon service, you can visit our website.

You make no mistake, there is some air conditioner that can eradicate germs with technology. The name of the technology is ion and econavi, the tool is enabled to kill the seeds of germs in the air conditioner. We know, in the evaporator air conditioner always in a state of the slab, did not rule out if it can bring germicide. The function of the technology is what kills the germs.

Brand of the air conditioner using ion and econavi technology can be found on Panasonic brand. But there are also other brands that already use it.