Patch a Porois Concrete Plate Using Sealing or Patching

Although it has been proven strong, sturdy, and durable, it turns concrete construction, including concrete floor plate, also potentially porous. How can such damage occur, and what causes it? This is what makes Shreveport Foundation Repair provides concrete plate repair services. Then, in order to improve the quality of service, Shreveport Foundation Repair also provides free foundation repair estimate, so you can assess on what level of quality is given.

New or old concrete floor plates are at risk of porousness. To overcome this, first, identify the causes of porousness. Porous concrete slabs will get worse and potentially expose the reinforcement, and the reinforcing bars will rust. If so, the concrete plate risks decreased the ability to support the load. Therefore it must be addressed immediately.

There are several ways in which to repair a porous concrete plate. Recognize the type of thinning experienced, because different types of thinning will affect how to repair the plate of concrete. One way that is quite often used is with sealing or patching. In the condition of porous that has not been severe, where the reinforcement has not been exposed, can be done by patching.

Find the porous plate or potentially porous. Peel and remove the porous concrete, then clean the debris and other dirt that are still attached. Use a steel brush or other tool. Coat a clean surface with adhesive or concrete glue that is used for adding adhesive power between old and new concrete. Let stand for a few minutes (as per the product instructions). Meanwhile, prepare ready mix mortar for concrete repair. Apply ready-made mortar with plaster or putty method. Make patches evenly and neatly. Then do the new concrete treatment to dry perfectly. Finally, do the final coating (finishing).

That’s how to patch a porous concrete plate using sealing or patching. If you are having trouble doing it yourself, you can contact your trust repairman or entrust the project to Shreveport Foundation Repair.

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